Let’s get this Started!

Who doesn’t love FREE books, right? I thought I would share with you why I created this blog in the first post and then we will get right to it. My NOOK is like a lifeline. I have this book addiction where I can not seem to get enough books. And I am a complete sucker for those free books. They draw you in and tempt you with their triple zero status. One day I had an epiphany.. if I love those free books, others will too. Navigating B&N’s website to find the free books you are interested in is a complete different story. Never fear, I am here to help!

The main purpose of the blog at this time is to connect you the reader to free books that you will enjoy. I will do occasional contests and giveaways. Soon, I will begin to do book reviews as well… it’s still in development. My desire is to have an interactive blog. I blog, you comment, he comments, she comments, I reply, you reply… a living, breathing, collaboration of readers joining together to create a diverse community. Can we do it? Hell yeah… let’s get to reading!

Here is what a typical week will look like:

Mailbox Loot Mondays

This will most likely take some time to get up and running smoothly. It takes time to generate a fan base that sends in messages, etc. It will highlight what I bought, won, read, reviewed, was given, and is pending review.

Travel the World Tuesdays

A meme hosted here at The Book Siren. A new place is posted each week. Those participating will choose a book that is set in the announced place. You can do a mini review, choose a part of the book to highlight, or just highlight the cover. What you choose to do is completely up to you as long as the book chosen takes place In that particular area.

Eye-Catching Wednesdays

Book covers that caught my eye.

That’s what HE Said Thursdays

Hosted by the ladies over at Chapter Break. Every Thursday we share our favorite quotes from our book boyfriends. You know those quotes we wish were directed at us.

Free Books (Day of the Week)

Every Monday – Thursday a new blog featuring the free books I found that day will be posted. All books are free at the time of posting. Always make sure to double check that they are still free before purchasing!

Books reviews will be posted at random as they are finished.

Interviews will be randomly posted once they are finished.

Friday – Sunday will be reserved for RL. No posts will be published on these days. Thank you for understanding.

Now.. Let’s get to sharing and reading!


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